The Accountant for Female Entrepreneurs

Laura Moss

Laura Moss is not your typical accountant. When she is not being mum to my two crazy boys (6&3), she¬† is supporting female entrepreneurs with their accounts across the UK. To learn more about Laura’s journey into accounting and why she is so passionate about it click here.



Laura supports female entrepreneurs from when they first set up as self-employed, to transitioning to becoming a Limited Company all the way to the female entrepreneurs who are running six figure businesses.

“Just a quick thank you and appreciation for your fantastic service. You’ve been such a great help and made something that causes me awful anxiety into a stress free process. You’re so helpful, professional and have lifted such a burden from over me”

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“If you’re a self employed business woman, I would recommend Laura. Not only is she really easy to talk to, she offers a great service and will explain things to you in plain English. I used Laura for my accounts this year and it was effortless and stress free”

Rachael Field (Eva and Elma)

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Empowering women to take back control of their accounts

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